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The Outlet
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18th-Apr-2006 01:52 pm - Ha Ha!
Your Life As A Celebrity by electronicoffee
Your Claim To FameYou Write Books [Well Known]
How Much Are You Worth?$75,407,751
What Kind Of Dream House?Exclusive Tokyo Spa Castle
In Your Spare Time?Writing, Swimming, Dancing
How Many Years Will You Be Famous?40
How Will You Die?Murdered By Rival
What Will You Be Remembered For?Being Sweet
How Much Of The World Will Mourn You?: 38%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Apparently, I'll be a better writer if I use my full name.

Thank you MEMEGen for proving people CAN and WILL judge a book by it's cover.
17th-Apr-2006 08:30 am(no subject)
Hmm.... I made the LEAST Money, was famous the LEAST #of Years, and willfully killed myself....

At least I had sex listed as something I do in my spare time, because none of you fuckers are getting laid, regardless of the fact you'll make 10x's as much money.
16th-Apr-2006 07:51 pm(no subject)
Your Life As A Celebrity by electronicoffee
Your Claim To FameYou Write Books [NY Bestsellers]
How Much Are You Worth?$6,333,049
What Kind Of Dream House?Million Dollar Log Cabin
In Your Spare Time?Movies, Shopping, Sex
How Many Years Will You Be Famous?5
How Will You Die?Suicide - Slit Wriest
What Will You Be Remembered For?Being Smart
How Much Of The World Will Mourn You?: 40%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

I found that one on the same site as Hannah and Kristina just used. Im a writer. Cool. Slit Wriest though??? what kind of a way is that to die?

I guess Hemmingway did himself in.
12th-Apr-2006 09:28 pm - We Keep Telling You...
... But you'll have nothing of it. Chud and I have a superpower, like X-Men. It's called being better than everyone else. Anyways, long story short, the TARA awards kicked ass last night. Sort of. I feel like there were some weird wins for 4th year awards, but then again there were some good ones too. I won the 4th year script award. Check out my new bling:

Image Hosted by ImageUploader.Org

It'll look nice on the shelf next to last year's. That being said, a professional panel came into class and ripped apart our scripts, so I've been adequatley humbled as well. (As if. They fuckin' liked my group's series best.)

I was dressed to kill, maim, and destroy hearts. Special thanks to Paulie for affording me nice clothing.

Image Hosted by ImageUploader.Org

That's me, with John Facey - a friend from RTA. If you listen to the Edge during overnights, you may have heard him on air. Anyway, to rip it from Oscar Wilde:

"Rather distinguished thing, Phipps. I am the only person of the smallest importance in [RTA] at present who wears a buttonhole." Love the flower, it's always a hit. If you have facebook. look up my profile for more pics of the night. If not, well... facebook is a tricky thing - Im still not sure if I like it or not, but it is a pretty good social networking scheme.

Here's one of my favorite pics of the night, it's with Jeff. He's been my friend and writing partner for most of RTA.

Image Hosted by ImageUploader.Org

The afterparty was excellent, apparently my acceptance speech was very eloquent (I'm not entirely sure what I said) but about 20 girls said it made them cry. I took a lot of pictures with girls last night. Like... A lot.

Anyways, if anyone ever wants to read the script - I doubt I'll redraft anytime soon - but you're more than welcome, just send a note. I'm much better at this now than I was in OAC Writer's Craft, that's for damn sure.
11th-Apr-2006 06:50 am - TARA Awards
Tonight are the annual TARA Awards. (Television And Radio Achievment Awards) ad Ryerson, and every year I've taken lots of planning to make sure that I had the perfect outfit, ordered a proper buttonhole, and generally given a damn. Of course, presenting with Josie Dye two years ago was fun (and she teased me on the radio the next day about how much we treat it like prom) and last year I hosted, so I was the center of attention:

Image Hosted by ImageUploader.Org

But this year, I think Im a little scared to care. Last year Jeff and I beat out everyone in the program for Best Script with "Bad Guys"


So between that and hosting, last year was incredible. I got tanked, stole a fruit tray and left the party early - we ate fruit and partied at Rob and Jeff's place instead. This year Boomerang Kids is up for Best Practicum, plus the two of us each have a competing script in the Best Writing Practicum category. Boomerang Kids is also up for Best Video Practicum (but that only takes into account the asthetics, so Jeff and I get little credit there) I'm also presenting with Christine Bentley of CTV News. The script isn't funny, and compared to last year where I ran around in my underwear shooting scenes with The Air Farce, George Strombolopolous, and Peter Mansbridge, I just don't think she'll be as much fun.

I dunno, I guess I think that because it's my last year, it should be my best year. Here's hopin' on the awards though. It'd be nice to have something else for the trophy case.
9th-Apr-2006 12:33 pm - Boomerang Kids Screening
Hey LJ Friends,

That Sitcom pilot I worked on all year? We're having a screening tomorrow night at the Brunswick House.

If you'd like to see it, I have tickets for you. Send me an e-mail.


31st-Mar-2006 10:45 pm - As Promised, a few more.
These were the photos taken in Hannah's room under the black light.

Image Hosted by ImageUploader.Org

I would be scared sleeping under a banner of Chud. Seriously.

Image Hosted by ImageUploader.Org

There's nothing else all that interesting, at least until I figure out how to do video posts on LJ.
30th-Mar-2006 12:12 pm(no subject)
I COULD recount last night's hilarity for you all.


I could let the pictures do the talking.

Image Hosted by ImageUploader.Org

The Perps. And Mango.

Image Hosted by ImageUploader.Org

The Living Room.

Image Hosted by ImageUploader.Org

Which shall henceforth be known as "Le Gallery"

Image Hosted by ImageUploader.Org

The Bathroom. We were going to try and position all the eyelines just right, but that was too creepy.

Image Hosted by ImageUploader.Org

And, here's Contemplative Ruben on a cereal box in the kitchen.

Image Hosted by ImageUploader.Org

And the RARE group photo - only 100 of these were made. Special thanks to Kinko's. Tristan - cut your hair you hippy.

Image Hosted by ImageUploader.Org

Kate's room. Keep in mind, her bedsheets, drawers, desk (on reverse wall, no pic... sorry) are FULL.

28th-Mar-2006 12:18 am(no subject)
There's something powerful about the moment you make a clear choice. There are too many times in life we'll overthink, overanalyze, and come undone at the seams as we attempt to predict all the possible outcomes of a single action. Now, don't get me wrong, some are completely arbitrary. I don't feel more alive because I chose Oatmeal over Raisin Bran in the morning. I'm talking about choices at least a little bigger.

I love to pick things apart - tiny little details and factors and attempting to predict all the possible outcomes is fun, I guess. But by no means comforting - there's just too much to wrap my conscioussness around - it's kind of scary.

Ha ha. "Emo as emotional thrill-seeking" That's the lamest idea ever. Look in to the face of fear and conquer it. Make a choice, and you'll sleep better that night. Why put off for tomorrow a problem that could easily be solved today?

Anyways, I guess I'm on this rant because Hawaii was thrown into doubt for a few days. Over a girl - and I know that most of you wouldn't expect that to hitch me, but this one is different. Anyways, she's making me doubt my choice - I started picking it apart again over the past 3 days. I might be losing some rest over it.

Anyways, I think I'm still choosing Hawaii, but I know either choice would be just exciting.

Thank God she doesn't make it easy for me. That says a lot.
I suck at the entring. I get it. Even as a kid I hated writing any kind of journal when we had to at school. I always preferred to make the story up. I still do. (But don't get me wrong, I'm committing myself to the truth on LJ, for real.) But I can remember getting F's on journal assingments in grade school that were 3 times as long as anyone else's, and a damn sight more exciting, just because my entries "weren't real." Of course, university has exposed us to the wonders of philosophy, and as it turns out, today I'm actually allowed to challenge what is reality, and whether the reality I perceive is any more real than the reality of anyone else. Whatever.

Today I treated my body like shit. I love doing that. I woke up, ate a big bowl of oatmeal. Nice start, no? Then my buddy Chris Weisman and I went to the Wine & Cheese show out at the International center. (More beers than wines, mohitos, fancy european beers, Broker's gin, and a little Rebel Yell bourbon) 25 Drink tickets, several pounds of cheese, and 0 numbers from cute bartenders later we stumble back to the car, on time for John (Owen's step-dad) to drive us home. (It was his birthday, and we all went together - Me, Chris, John, and Bob.) By the time we were back from the airport, I had a pounding headache. But that won't stop Chris.

This man is a machine. I don't know how he drinks so much, but he had 3 Strongbow's before I even got to his place this morning, and another three along with the 1.5lb steaks we bought for dinner. And dinner was pretty much just that. Steak. Fuckin' eh. But Chris is a chef at Auberge de Pommier - and let me tell you - he cooks the finest food I've ever eaten. Also, you should have seen how most of the girls at the wine and cheese show needed buckets as soon as he mentioned he was a chef. Seriously - next time I lie about my identity in a bar, I'm being a motherfucking chef. Swear to God.

Anyways, I'm feeling pretty hurt right now, and about to go to bed. I just felt like I needed to post - I owe it to the LJ scene.

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